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Bamboo Flooring is a unique, beautiful and eco friendly flooring choice - what makes them more appealing is they are backed by a 10 year manufacturers warranty.

Bamboo is a renewable resource and has all the offering of a natural timber floor. Bamboo is totally unique in appearance, durability and it's eco-friendly status makes it a perfect choice for a flooring system. Bamboo Flooring planks are 15mm thick, solid hardwood and pre-finished. The planks are layered with five coats of hard wearing, solvent free, UV cured polyurethane.

The two final coats are the German Klumpp finish wich contains Aluminum Oxide.

Bamboo flooring is naturally an extremely stable hardwood and is even more unique in it's contrsutuional layup. For resistsnce, Bamboo Floors out perform natural timber flooring due the bamboos' excellent moisture resistance and stability with absolute minimal expansion and contraction. Ratesd as a hard floor, it is more than suitable for installation at residential and commercial premises.

Bamboo floors are available in different styles and each with a variety of grains and hues. They range from a blonde Sand to the rich brown tones of a Coffee.

Versatility of Bamboo Flooring - ease of installation. Bamboo Floors can be installed over concrete, particle board, plywood existing hardwood floors or directly upon joists or battens either by direct stick, secret nailing or floating floor methods. A selection of acoustic underlay's are available for high rise applications.

Real advantages of Banboo Flooring - given it is already sanded and finished with extremely durable satin or gloss finishes your new floor is quickly installed ready for use. no sanding, no toxic fumes, with minimal disruption to your life or business.

Ecofriendly Flooring - . Bamboo compares favorably to traditional solid select timber floors. In many instances it will be less in cost and installation is easier when compared with tradtional select hardwoods. Alternatively the budget minded renovator who is prepared to follow the installation recommendations can self install at far lesser cost.

Installation of Bamboo Flooring is quick, no toxic fumes, requires nosanding and polishing. From the box it's out and immediately ready to use. Bamboo Flooring is derived from forests of fully sustainable, environmentally friendly and rapidly growing renewable resource. Five to six year old poles are harvested annually, a masive difference from the 40 - 60 years required for traditional hardwood trees.

The bamboo flooring is manufactured from these poles that are split then machined into rectangular billets, cured, laminated and machined into hardwood boards for flooring with unmatched durability.